Learning Online

Learning online means a lot of different things especially during this pandemic. Here are just some of the important things that you need to remember:

1. Learning Synchronously. When you are doing synchronous learning, that means your teachers and instructors will meet you during a specific time (ideally, your class schedule) via MS Teams video conferencing. That means you will learn together through lectures, presentations, reports, and other activities in real time.

2. Learning Asychronously. When you are doing asynchronous learning, your teacher will provide you with activities, assessments, examinations, and other engagements using iStudy or MS Teams. Instructions will be given and you will be asked to perform either on your own or with your groupmates at any time that will be convenient for your. Remember however, that because your teacher won't be around to supervise you during activities, you must practice independence and responsibility so you don't cram all your requirements when they are overdue.

Your teachers will discuss with you how the class will balance between synchronous and asynchronous learning. It is best to attend the first classes as this is when a lot of the specifics of the course is given, including the class syllabus (learning plan). Your teachers will definitely help you and accommodate your needs.