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Because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, classes in all universities and colleges in the Philippines needed to move to online and flexible delivery of instruction. AUP has been ready to help you transition to higher learning by providing easy and creative ways to learn online.

ALERT! If you have not yet done your Pre-Registration and Registration, please click here for instructions.

AUP employs two ways for you to engage in learning this year.

1. We deliver Synchronous (real-time) learning via video conferencing using Microsoft Teams. [?]

2. We help you through Asynchronous (non-real time) learning using Moodle [?], which we named AUP iStudy.

To know how to join your classes using these applications, click on the links below or use our menu. To learn more about learning online, click the link from our menu too!

How to start with MS Teams

How to start with iStudy

How do we Learn Online?

How can I contact my department?